What is this?

The Chaotic Neutral Chronicles is a project born from a long-running fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. Michael has been DMing for his buddies since college; over the past several years, he and his best buds have been running the same campaign with the same characters and story, an ongoing saga now spanning hundreds of hours of gameplay and many MBs of Google Drive storage.

In 2019, Michael started writing up some of the early campaign notes as actual fiction stories, mostly just for funsies. But then he kept going. And kept going. And then sat down, and made a new Google Drive folder: “The Chaotic Neutral Chronicles.”

The Chronicles will continue for as long as Michael has the energy, which should be a long time. Episodes will post bi-weekly on Tuesday mornings; there will be breaks between seasons of the show to let Michael catch up on writing and editing.

What’s the content like?

Decidedly R-rated. For language, violence, crude humor, drug references…all the good stuff. Content/trigger warnings will be posted with episodes that contain any material that requires a particular warning, although this story will largely avoid things like sexual violence. If you’re listening at work: put in headphones, for the love of god.

Why are you doing this, Michael?

For fun. Next question.

Who are you?

Glad you asked! I am Michael Monaco, @bookshelfstud on Twitter and Reddit, moderator of the /r/asoiaf subreddit, host on Maester Monthly, shitposter, etc. In my real, offline life, I work in housing. I’ve been playing tabletop roleplaying games since high school; before high school, I just sat on the floor in the library reading the 3.5e Monster Manual over and over. I also write poetry and nonfiction. My other blog, where you can find all sorts of things that are not this project, is offmichaelsbookshelf.wordpress.com. I am too cheap for hosting. I am a Taurus.

Reader Testimonials

brr im cold because i was frozen cryogenically but they woke me up to read this story and it kicks ass dude!!!!

Walt Disney

blimey this story sure is a corker mate

J. K. Rowling


Dr. Seuss

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