Episode Catalog

Season 1

When Nutmeg and Lucy take a job from a mysterious man dressed in black, they think it’s just another gig. But their path leads them to new friends, close calls, hard drugs, and a choice that threatens to upend their lives forever…

#EpisodeRelease DateText LinkAudio Link
1Miner Difficulties1/14/20LINKLINK
2The Mister and the Sister1/28/20LINKLINK
3A Visit to Gatorsburg2/11/20LINKLINK
4The Ballad of Gary2/25/20LINKLINK
6The Mad Monk’s Tomb3/24/20LINKLINK
7With a Hard G4/7/20LINKLINK
8Murder and Arson and Smuggling4/21/20LINKLINK

Season 2

Nutmeg, Gelmahta, and Sister Dondalla are hot on the trail of goblins from the mysterious mountain fortress of Khaddakar. What they discover will send them down dark paths – and when they emerge from the mountain, the world may have moved on without them

#EpisodeRelease DateText LinkAudio Link
10Northwest Passage5/19/20LINKLINK
11Bridges to Nowhere6/2/20LINKLINK
12The Skill to Catch a Nutmeg6/16/20LINKLINK
13Negotiating the Depths6/30/20LINKLINK
14Dungeons and Dragons7/14/20LINKLINK
15The Dark Duchess of Dwarroway7/28/20LINKLINK
16Return of Lizardbreaker9/8/20LINKLINK
17Temple of the Gator9/22/20
18As Through a Spyglass Lewdly9/29/20
19A Helping Hand10/13/20
The Chronicles will return on October 20, 2020, in Episode 20: “Into the West!”