Episode Catalog

Season 1

When Nutmeg and Lucy take a job from a mysterious man dressed in black, they think it’s just another gig. But their path leads them to new friends, close calls, hard drugs, and a choice that threatens to upend their lives forever…

#EpisodeRelease DateText LinkAudio Link
1Miner Difficulties1/14/20LINKLINK
2The Mister and the Sister1/28/20LINKLINK
3A Visit to Gatorsburg2/11/20LINKLINK
4The Ballad of Gary2/25/20LINKLINK
6The Mad Monk’s Tomb3/24/20LINKLINK
7With a Hard G4/7/20LINKLINK
8Murder and Arson and Smuggling4/21/20LINKLINK

Season 2

Nutmeg, Gelmahta, and Sister Dondalla are hot on the trail of goblins from the mysterious mountain fortress of Khaddakar. What they discover will send them down dark paths – and when they emerge from the mountain, the world may have moved on without them

#EpisodeRelease DateText LinkAudio Link
10Northwest Passage5/19/20LINKLINK
11Bridges to Nowhere6/2/20LINKLINK
12The Skill to Catch a Nutmeg6/16/20LINKLINK
13Negotiating the Depths6/30/20LINKLINK
14Dungeons and Dragons7/14/20LINKLINK
15The Dark Duchess of Dwarroway7/28/20LINKLINK
16Return of Lizardbreaker9/8/20LINKLINK
17Temple of the Gator10/13/20LINKLINK
18As Through a Spyglass Lewdly10/27/20LINKLINK
19A Helping Hand11/10/20LINKLINK
The Chronicles will return on January 5, 2021, in Episode 20: “Into the West!”

Season 3

Nutmeg, Gelmahta, and Sister Dondalla venture out west to the Hestor Vale, escorting their new comrade Enebor home and pursuing the forces of the Red Hand. Beyond the borders of the Hegemony lies a dangerous foe – one that may spell doom for our heroes…

#EpisodeRelease DateText LinkAudio Link
20Into the West1/5/21LINKLINK
21Unquiet Dreams1/19/21LINKLINK
22Swamp Music2/2/21LINKLINK
23On the Wings of Love2/16/21LINKLINK
24A Sticky Situation3/16/21LINKLINK
25The Ghost of Caer Karnak3/30/21LINKLINK
26May the Giant Be With You2/1/22LINKLINK
27Rest in Peace2/15/22LINKLINK
28Recruitment Drive3/23/22LINKLINK
29A Little Night Recon3/29/22
30The Battle of Tanner’s Crossing4/12/22
The Chronicles will return on April 26, 2022, in Episode 31: “Ink and Gold!”