Episode 023 (Text): On the Wings of Love

When we last left our heroes…the HOB GOB KILLIN’ MOB busted through a blockade on the north road to the fens! Once in the fens, they were attacked by a daghdakka, a monstrous creature that almost killed Gel. After using their vial of starlight to signal for help, a group of the Yoi Kal owl-riders swooped in and carried them off to ENEBOR’s home at KAL RAMMATH...

Episode 021: Unquiet Dreams

When we last left our heroes…NUTMEG, GELMAHTA, SISTER D, and ENEBOR departed for the distant lands of the HESTOR VALE on the trail of the RED HAND. After discovering that Enebor’s memory had been tampered with by government handler MISTER E, the trio agreed to prioritize getting ENEBOR home above all else... https://ia801407.us.archive.org/33/items/episode-021/Episode%20021.mp3 The Chaotic … Continue reading Episode 021: Unquiet Dreams

Episode 020 (Text): Into the West

When we last left our heroes…NUTMEG the dwarf, GELMAHTA the elf, and SISTER DONDALLA the human priestess have been working as contractors for the government of the HEGEMONY, stamping out evil wherever they go. While returning from a vacation in the sunny south, the trio encountered a lone elf, ENEBOR, who had been nearly killed by outriders of the RED HAND HORDE, a mysterious threat on the fringes of the Hegemony. The trio defeated the Red Hand scouts and returned to the city of Dwarroway with their new companion...

Episode 019: A Helping Hand

When we last left our heroes…GEL, NUTMEG, SISTER D, and INGA returned from the jungles victorious over their hateful scaly foes. While celebrating their victories, they spied an owl-riding elf tumbling from the sky. Now, having found the fallen elf, they seek to avenge him and his comrades - against the forces of the mysterious … Continue reading Episode 019: A Helping Hand