Episode 025: The Ghost of Caer Karnak

When we last left our heroes…the HOB GOB KILLIN’ MOB arrived in Tanner’s Crossing, a town under assault by the forces of the Red Hand. Captain ANNA THORNSPUR assured the party that a friend of hers, GEORGE the woodsman, could lead them to the hideout of the Red Hand in the nearby Hagwood. While killing time, Nutmeg bought and sampled some powerful drugs, which led him and Gel to commit unspeakable crimes against a poor, defenseless wizard. Now, the party sets out in search of George…and the haunted castle of Caer Karnak…

The Chaotic Neutral Chronicles is a serialized adventure podcast written and produced by Michael Monaco. Music is “It’s Not a Game” by Michael Monaco. See chaoticneutralchronicles.com for more information.

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