Episode 028: Recruitment Drive (Text)

When we last left our heroes…THE HOB GOB KILLIN’ MOB rescued NUTMEG from the chasm, with a little help from SISTER D’s god. After laying WALLY the giant to rest, the gang returned to Tanner’s Crossing to warn the people of the town about the impending invasion. Following a meeting at MAYOR WISEMAN’s house, NUTMEG … Continue reading Episode 028: Recruitment Drive (Text)

Episode 026: May the Giant Be With You (Text)

When we last left our heroes…Nutmeg, Gelmahta, Sister Dondalla, and their new companion George raided the ancient keep of Caer Karnak, apparent headquarters of the impending goblin invasion! Following a narrow victory, they were given magical treasures by the castle’s resident ghost, and learned that the bulk of the goblin horde was just a few … Continue reading Episode 026: May the Giant Be With You (Text)

Episode 025 (Text): The Ghost of Caer Karnak

When we last left our heroes…the HOB GOB KILLIN’ MOB arrived in Tanner’s Crossing, a town under assault by the forces of the Red Hand. Captain ANNA THORNSPUR assured the party that a friend of hers, GEORGE the woodsman, could lead them to the hideout of the Red Hand in the nearby Hagwood. While killing time, Nutmeg bought and sampled some powerful drugs, which led him and Gel to commit unspeakable crimes against a poor, defenseless wizard. Now, the party sets out in search of George...and the haunted castle of Caer Karnak...

Episode 024 (Text): A Sticky Situation

When we last left our heroes…NUTMEG, GELMAHTA, and SISTER D spent a restful few days in the elven city of KAL RAMMATH, where Nutmeg partied hard and Gel got morose. After journeying down the river through the monstrous woods, they fought a shocking battle at a burning barn on the banks of the river. Now they make their way to the town of TANNER’S CROSSING, where Captain ANNA THORNSPUR wishes to debrief...

Episode 023 (Text): On the Wings of Love

When we last left our heroes…the HOB GOB KILLIN’ MOB busted through a blockade on the north road to the fens! Once in the fens, they were attacked by a daghdakka, a monstrous creature that almost killed Gel. After using their vial of starlight to signal for help, a group of the Yoi Kal owl-riders swooped in and carried them off to ENEBOR’s home at KAL RAMMATH...

Episode 020 (Text): Into the West

When we last left our heroes…NUTMEG the dwarf, GELMAHTA the elf, and SISTER DONDALLA the human priestess have been working as contractors for the government of the HEGEMONY, stamping out evil wherever they go. While returning from a vacation in the sunny south, the trio encountered a lone elf, ENEBOR, who had been nearly killed by outriders of the RED HAND HORDE, a mysterious threat on the fringes of the Hegemony. The trio defeated the Red Hand scouts and returned to the city of Dwarroway with their new companion...

Dragon Mag’s Instant Adventures

The April 1981 issue of Dragon Magazine included an article with a tantalizing premise: INSTANT ADVENTURES. "Here are the ideas!" the magazine promises; " - just add imagination!" The premise of the article was to provide a handy list of adventure ideas, described only in the broadest terms, along with a classification system for how … Continue reading Dragon Mag’s Instant Adventures