BREAKING: Biological Essentialism is Not Good

This, I think, is where the future of RPG character design has to go: fixing the fundamental assumptions about biologically essential traits carried by different races. I'm not going to praise WOTC until I see what actually changes, but I'm glad their eyes are drawn to the roots of race in game design. Tying objective game mechanics to something as subjective and political as race is, ultimately, a cop-out. Good games eliminate that junk.

Episode 007: With a Hard G (Text)

When we last left our heroes...NUTMEG, LUCY, and SISTER DONDALLA entered the MAD MONK's TOMB, in search of a mystic map to the lost stronghold of Khaddakar. After braving many dangers - including a ghastly, undead dwarf librarian - they did indeed discover what they sought. Upon emerging from the tomb, they found their horses killed, and had to improvise a little on the way back to Dwarroway...