Episode 028: Recruitment Drive (Text)

When we last left our heroes…THE HOB GOB KILLIN’ MOB rescued NUTMEG from the chasm, with a little help from SISTER D’s god. After laying WALLY the giant to rest, the gang returned to Tanner’s Crossing to warn the people of the town about the impending invasion. Following a meeting at MAYOR WISEMAN’s house, NUTMEG … Continue reading Episode 028: Recruitment Drive (Text)

Episode 020 (Text): Into the West

When we last left our heroes…NUTMEG the dwarf, GELMAHTA the elf, and SISTER DONDALLA the human priestess have been working as contractors for the government of the HEGEMONY, stamping out evil wherever they go. While returning from a vacation in the sunny south, the trio encountered a lone elf, ENEBOR, who had been nearly killed by outriders of the RED HAND HORDE, a mysterious threat on the fringes of the Hegemony. The trio defeated the Red Hand scouts and returned to the city of Dwarroway with their new companion...

Episode 14: Dungeons and Dragons (Text)

When we last left our heroes...they met a dragon. Specifically, SAEVERIX, who in turn was an obstacle to the devious gray dwarves. Upon realizing that the gray dwarves possessed his axe and belongings, NUTMEG agreed to help them slay SAEVERIX, down in the bowels of the mountain fortress of Khaddakar. Together with the gray dwarves, our heroes prepare to embark on their most ambitious adventure yet...

Episode 013: Negotiating the Depths (Text)

When we last left our heroes...while exploring the ancient fortress of KHADDAKAR, SISTER DONDALLA and GELMAHTA lost their comrade NUTMEG. After recovering him from the clutches of a tribe of subterranean lizard-people, they continued further into the mountain - only to be ambushed by the vengeful lizards! A mysterious group of masked dwarves rescued them - but are they really rescued? Or merely stumbling from the frying pan to the fire?

Episode 006: The Mad Monk's Tomb

When we last left our heroes...NUTMEG and LUCY received a new quest: discover the location of the mysterious stronghold KHADDAKAR. Before doing their research, they partook of the local drug du jour of Dwarroway: Mister Dusty. With a wild night behind them, they discovered that the map to KHADDAKAR was located in the tomb of an ancient monk. With SISTER DONDALLA, they departed for DERNUM LAKE, in search of the Mad Monk's Tomb...