Episode 14: Dungeons and Dragons (Text)

When we last left our heroes...they met a dragon. Specifically, SAEVERIX, who in turn was an obstacle to the devious gray dwarves. Upon realizing that the gray dwarves possessed his axe and belongings, NUTMEG agreed to help them slay SAEVERIX, down in the bowels of the mountain fortress of Khaddakar. Together with the gray dwarves, our heroes prepare to embark on their most ambitious adventure yet...

Episode 013: Negotiating the Depths (Text)

When we last left our heroes...while exploring the ancient fortress of KHADDAKAR, SISTER DONDALLA and GELMAHTA lost their comrade NUTMEG. After recovering him from the clutches of a tribe of subterranean lizard-people, they continued further into the mountain - only to be ambushed by the vengeful lizards! A mysterious group of masked dwarves rescued them - but are they really rescued? Or merely stumbling from the frying pan to the fire?

BREAKING: Biological Essentialism is Not Good

This, I think, is where the future of RPG character design has to go: fixing the fundamental assumptions about biologically essential traits carried by different races. I'm not going to praise WOTC until I see what actually changes, but I'm glad their eyes are drawn to the roots of race in game design. Tying objective game mechanics to something as subjective and political as race is, ultimately, a cop-out. Good games eliminate that junk.

Episode 011: Bridges to Nowhere (Text)

When we last left our heroes...NUTMEG, GEL, and SISTER D reached the town of Truman’s Dell, where they found a town under the thumb of of goblin raiders. They agreed to help turn out the goblins and rescue prisoners from the nearby mountain of Lone Peak, once the Dwarven stronghold of KHADDAKAR. Sister D’s powerful prayers blasted a hole through the mountain doors, and our heroes are licking their wounds as they prepare to enter the depths...

Episode 010: Northwest Passage (Text)

When we last left our heroes...NUTMEG and GEL went on an insane rampage through the streets of Dwarroway. When the dust settled, organized crime was shattered, and half the city was burning. More importantly, though, they discovered a curious connection between organized crime and the mysterious stronghold of KHADDAKAR. On the orders of MISTER E, their government handler, they set out with SISTER DONDALLA, heading for the little town of TRUMAN’S DELL, where they hope to learn more about this enigmatic fortress…